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Crawford Pile Driving is a family owned business operating since 1988. We are experts in the installation of H-pile, wood pile, soldier pile, sheet pile, wood lagging, helical anchors, walers and bracing. We install utilizing state of the art equipment to maximize efficiency and reduce installation time translating to an overall project savings in both time and money. Our core group of piledrivers have been employees of Crawford Pile Driving an average of 12 + years. Our piledrivers are certified welders, drug screened, MUST certified, and trained in a variety of areas. Such training includes being members of the Michigan Regional Council of Carpenters Local 687 and Operating Engineers Local 342.  Several employees are OSHA 10, OSHA 30, and OSHA certified in crane signaling as well as being trained in CPR and First Aid. The pride and professionalism exhibited by our team is evident in our excepional quality of work. Our pride in the work we install and in meeting or exceeding your project schedule propels us to the top of our field.


Crawford Pile Driving can also provide second tier design and design/build for many systems including temporary or permanent earth retention systems.


Our attention to detail, stellar safety record, exceptional quality of work, and our ability to meet or exceed your project schedue make Crawford Pile Driving the "Best Choice" for your pile driving and earth retention needs.




We walk the walk.

Safety First

Construction Safety is imperative and our solutions are to provide a quality product where safety is paramount. Our commitment to safety is borne in our commitment to our employees. Crawford Pile Driving is a very close group and insuring that each and every team member and friend goes home each and every night and without injury is what we demand of ourselves and of each other. Every solution we provide is carefully planned and thought out to insure that we are performing our goals in the safest way possible for ourselves, and those working around us. Safe practice is at the fore of our day and the first topic of each and every day to insure that everyone involved is prepared and informed prior to beginning any activity. Everyone at Crawford Pile Driving is involved at every level and we are all committed to our safety goals of zero accidents and zero injuries. We communicate our safety through proper reporting and record keeping, and report unsafe practices by others to insure our safety as well as the safety of others. Safety is essential in providing to our family and friends a long and prosperous lifetime. It is our commitment to honor each one of us through safe practices and proper planning. Our current EMR is indicative that our actions are as strong as our words and we are substantially better than not only the industry average, but also that of our competition. We walk the walk.



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